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Willowtree's founders have worked in the IT and web application sectors for over 20 years. Very quickly realising that software being offered to the education sector was generic in nature and built mostly for schools and institutes in the upper age brackets. Other schools had to make do with a system not really suited to their needs.

Willowtree Software is offering cost effective solutions that are customisable to a school, or institutes, needs.

Co founder and CEO, Marc Nealer, has worked in the educational sector since 2001 and decided to form WillowTree Software in 2015, to bring good quality solutions to a market he knows well

Management Apps

Member/Parent communication:
  • The current market is full of SMS/Email tools, but these are all based around central control and instant messaging. They don't cover Calendar events, adhoc message to parents, and items like News and Blogs. We aim to fill in the gap here as well as offering a more cost effecting solution to SMS messaging.
    • Blogs
      • Many Clubs and schools have a need to show what their members are doing during the time they are with them. Activities, prize giving's, Club blogs. The Blogs system, allow Staffs in the school to add Blogs to the system. It them gathers them together and sends personalised emails to each parent, with items relating to them and their children. A weekly news letter customised to each parent/member
    • Simple Email Module
      • Very easy to use system that allows staff to pick a group in your establishment and email all contacts assigned. Since this is web and mobile web compliant, they can do so from any smart device anywhere with a network connection..
Club management
  • Subscription management
    • You need to keep abreast of who has or has not paid subscriptions. This is a simple system to track and email members who have not
  • Session management
    • some members book series of private sessions with staff. Session manager allows you to track who’s paid for what, how many sessions have been taken, how many are left and which member of staff took each session
  • Attendance
    • Who attended a class and who took a class. This is important for billing and safety

Documentation Management
  • Doc Store
    • Attach documents to a member, or a group, for internal or external access
  • Member Notes
    • A simple way to adding tag index notes to members records
Event management
  • Club Calendar
    • Store the Club calendar in the Cloud and send reminders to members and parents of up coming Events


WillowTree software offers the following services in all sectors
  • Python Programming.
  • Django web development.
  • Angular Front end development.
  • Prototype, Jquery, Bootstrap. Responsive designs incorporating modern web technologies.
  • PHP, MySQL, Apache programming and server administration.
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS) configuration and administration.
  • IT infrastructure and MIS consulting, design and implementation.
  • MIS customisation.
  • Grade Data Analysis.

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